Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas activities...

Our family is like everyone else during this Christmas season... BUSY!  Sometimes I am running around like a crazy woman but all my kids are still accounted for and breathing so I am doing pretty good so far. 

Most of our decorations are up and if they aren't up by now, then maybe they will make an appearance next year.

I have all the materials to make swags (yeah, I had to goggle that also... but I am trying to become a crafty person) for my front porch but I can't muster the energy or time to put it all together.  So that might be something that happens next year. 
As a family, we went to the Niceville Christmas parade.  This was the fist time that Ryan was able to go with us.  He was frustrated before we even parked the car and I am sure I had a small grin on my face because I have done this every year by myself for 9 years.  Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe me on this day- but... it's tradition!

Before candy

Izzy is so excited!

The boys insisted that I keep Izzy in the front so she can wave and hopefully get them some stuffed animals.  Sister performed and brought home 2 stuffed animals and lots of beads and candy.
I thought I had most of the candy out of the house from Halloween but the kids got more candy from the parade then they did trick or treating.  The last thing we need in our house is candy. 
Next up... I took Aiden, Izzy and a few neighbor friends (don't even ask how this happened!) to the tree lighting at the Community Center.  This was our first year and it looked like things are still getting organized but I think the kids enjoyed it.
I am pretty sure this Santa wasn't meant for a prop for pictures but it should be.

On the 2nd, I celebrated my birthday.  Ryan's version of Happy Birthday included the words- AARP and retirement.  He really thinks he is funny!  Ryan had to work so my family took me out to lunch.
Aiden trying to get a nap in before lunch.
That evening we had our Candlelight service.  We were running late, of course, and I missed my niece playing her instrument.  I did hear the last few notes and they sounded great!

We also have been doing alot of this...

Late night movies.  The boys have been staying up way too late and so have we.  Cranky kids/Cranky Mommy= not a good combination. 
More activities coming in the next few weeks.  I have my big girl britches on and I am ready to party with my kids and get siked for Christmas!

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