Friday, December 14, 2012

Sunday Church

Does anyone elses kids think Mommy and Daddy's phone is their personal gaming system?? 
The boys were playing with my camera on the way to church.  They were working really hard to get all of their silliness out before they had to sit still for church.
Editing was done by the boys... Ethan isn't wearing lipstick and Aiden and Izzy didn't turn into Smurfs.  Promise!!

Izzy looking beautiful for church.  I had sat her on the ledge and she was a little unsure herself ( so that explains the wide open mouth.)

That evening the kids had their annual Christmas program.  As always with kids, there are a few hiccups but everyone did a great job. 
Izzy excited to cheer on her brother's.  It won't be long before she is up there hamming it up.

Yep, still silly!
Aiden was a tap dancing wise man.  They totally fit his personality with the part.  Ethan was a dancing snowman.  He was a little more nervous but he pulled off the "sprinkler" perfectly.

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