Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Camping 2013

This past weekend, we went camping at Falling Waters in Chipley.  We decided at the last minute to leave Izzy with Nana and Papa since she has been a little under the weather and she isn't walking yet.  Sister would have eaten all the dirt and whatever else she could have found all.weekend.long!  Maybe next year Izzy!
The boys were so excited!  This was our second attempt at camping and as you can tell... I have not mastered the art of packing for a weekend away to camp.
I pretty much packed everything minus our kitchen sink (which was full of dishes when we left). 
We realized as our weekend got a little closer that the weather might not be the best (rainy everyday) but we just had to go with it.  At least this year, we wouldn't freeze to death. 
We arrived at the campsite and the boys took off running.  Ryan and I got the tent set up in record time.  He is becoming a natural with tents and campfires. 

After we unpacked, we headed to my Uncle's house to pick up some firewood and again... the boys took off running.  I don't think we would ever see them if we lived out in the country with a lot of land.  These kids love to run and play outside!
After the firewood, we had to head to Walmart to pick up a few things that we forgot.  Yes, can you believe it?!?  I still forgot some stuff.  So you can only imagine what our car looked like coming home.
That night, we built a fire and ate hot dogs and smores.  Yum!  Thanks to Pinterest, we used Peeps with our smores and they were delicious.
We were the talk of the campsite and all of our neighbor campers were jealous of the firewood that we had.   Your jealous too aren't you?? 
So relaxing!!
We sat around the fire for a few hours just talking with the boys.  It was great to spend some one on one time with them and just catch up.  Sometimes life is so hectic and it is nice to slow down for a bit and just sit.
Our other entertainment for the night was our camera. The boys love taking pictures right now as long as they can pick their pose.  Whatever works because I know it won't be long before they won't stand still for a picture.

The next morning the boys got up early and went fishing with Daddy.  I got to sleep for a few extra hours so everyone was happy!
Afterwards, we went on a little hike to see the Falling waters and sink holes and then we headed to Marianna to take a tour of the Florida Caverns.  I think I was about Ethan's age the last time I visited the Caverns. 

We headed back to our campsite afterwards to relax since it started raining while we were in the Caverns.
This is what happens when the boys are cooped up in a tent with nothing else to do... silly pictures!
Where did Daddy's head go??

Ryan's birthday was on Sunday so his special gift from us was a shower.  I think he was the happiest man alive after a warm shower and his own comfortable bed.
We know Izzy was spoiled and had a great weekend with Nana and Papa but we definitely missed her.  I don't know that I will be ready to leave her again anytime soon.
We had a great weekend and special memories were definitely made. The boys lasted a whole day and a half without fighting which is a record for them these days. Progress!!

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