Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A "Little Holt's" update

We have been busy little bees lately.  I am trying to think back of a day/night where we actually stayed home.  I haven't been able to come up with one day yet.  But that is what summer is all about , right? 
Movie time...
Nope, we didn't actually see Turbo but the snail was at the theater so we had to take advantage of a photo op.  All the cousins were there except Owen (the tiny tornado).  He will have to wait a little while longer before he is ready to sit through a movie.  But we sure missed him!

Izzy is obviously more interested in the movie than me at the moment.  She actually began yelling "Ohhh" when she saw our neighbors with popcorn so we sent Daddy to the concession stand.
 After dinner at Cantino's (YUMMY), we played and visited with Allison/Mark while they were in town.  I sure wish we lived closer because we miss them in between visits.
Yes... this is normal (at least in our house) everyday playtime for the boys.

Do they look like they are having fun?!?
Mommy and Izzy... and yes, those are her brothers wrestling in the background.
Izzy and Lila hugging it out.  Lila said Izzy was her best friend- melts my heart!
Trying to cool down after running around all night.
You know that saying- when it rains it pours?  Well... it is pouring in the Holt household. 
Recently, I lost my bling...
Does anyone else have a gold crown??  I am very self conscious of my gold tooth.  Thankfully, it is the very back tooth but I do feel the need to explain "my bling" when I have to visit a doctor and they ask to check my throat.  Well... I got my crown fixed and then a day later, it fell out again.  My luck... a bad batch of glue.  Of course it was. 
My boys were secret agents at Children's church.  I think they are pretty cute but would you hire them?!?

Aiden has had to make a few trips to his allergist lately.  This weather is really messing him up!  The sad thing is, he thinks he is fine but his lungs are not looking too good right now.  It is hard trying to explain to him that even though he feels fine, he still has to do his breathing treatments everyday.  His first visit- his lungs were not good and then the follow up, they were even worse.  We can't pin point what has changed but we got to get him better!
Us trying to make the most of our wait time at the allergist.

His prize for being a great patient.  This was his second choice... his first was a roach that he so kindly placed on my shoulder as I was checking out.  The roach went flying and Mommy looked like a fool so he was grounded for the afternoon.  Just kidding- but I do really have a fear of roaches.  Not funny son!!
Izzy loves to make a mess help me clean...

Yes, those were all folded and in a nice, neat stack before Izzy got a hold of them.

Aiden was actually organizing the games and DVD's (without being asked- I think he secretly wanted something) but Ms. Izzy had other ideas in mind. 
Mommy is having to learn to take deep breaths and realize that I can't keep the house spotless with 3 kids and a husband.  Everyone is just going to have to forgive the mess.  This however, is not an overnight change I can make so there are still some Mommy temper tantrums over the house not being cleaned- but I am working on it.
You see this fort the boy's made using every blanket and sheet they could find in the hosue.  Which turned into Izzy and Milo's mission to try and destroy every chance they could. It took everything within me to let this stay put for days upon days.  My first initally reaction when I came home from work was to have them clean it up but instead it stayed up for about a week.  That is progress!
Izzy's newest most favorite thing to do- cover her babies or brothers or maybe even a dog.  Whatever is lying on the floor will more than likely get a blanket tossed over it.

But on a HUGE side note- look at Sister standing. 
By these pictures, one would think that Izzy enjoys sleeping.  Don't get me wrong, Sister loves to sleep but sometimes she attempts to forego her nap times on the weekends to party with the rest of us.  If someone was offering me a chance to take a nap, you better believe I would not pass that up.

This is Sister laying on me in the morning.  Sometimes, I just lay there when I really should get up for work.  It is hard walking away from these snuggles.
And who doesn't love a little bed head and zombie look??  Can you guess what Izzy is thinking?  I think I can.
This is a night where Izzy was feeling a little under the weather.  After a little hiccup in her crib, the kids and I decided to camp out in the living room- just in case.  Her brothers didn't want to leave her side.  I love their bond!
Aiden is my silly boy.  Can you tell?!?  This is his latest selfie that I found on my phone.
And last but not least...
Izzy loves books these days.  The boys will take turns reading to her and then we will find her flipping through a book and babbling at the pages. 
 More updates to come.  As we all know... life never slows down so we just learn to go with the flow.

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