Friday, July 5, 2013

Will she always have Down Syndrome??

The boys have known about Izzy having Down Syndrome since a little bit after we got our prenatal diagnosis.  We were upfront with them and tried to talk to them in a way that they would understand best.  They asked a few questions initially and then went about their business as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.  Don't you love the mind of a child??  They don't judge, they knew their sister would be a little different but they loved her just the same.
It is rare that they bring up Down Syndrome but as they are getting a little older, their questions are a little deeper in thought.
A few nights ago on our ride home from the beach, the questions started flowing.  With Izzy sitting in the middle of them and they were both holding her hands, they began to ask questions about Down Syndrome.  Mommy- "will Izzy always have Down Syndrome?"  "How did she get Down Syndrome?"  I wasn't great at Science but I think I was able to break it down easy enough to where they could understand.
And deeper yet... "Why did God allow her to have Down Syndrome?"  I struggled with that same question for a while after finding out Izzy would have DS.  Why me??  Why my baby girl??  I still don't know the answer to that question but I do know that Izzy is here for a reason and she was placed in our family for a reason. 
 Izzy is teaching us things that we would not have learned if she weren't in our family. 
We are all learning to be more accepting of others and realizing it is ok if someone is different.  Because really... what is normal??
Teaching her sign language and probably confusing her since they are both doing two different signs.
I am glad they are asking these questions.  Some are hard to answer and some are fears and questions that I still have myself.  We are all still learning how to walk this new journey that we are on but I am so glad that Izzy has these two big brothers to look after her.
Reading her a book

The boy's love for Izzy is unconditional.  Everyday you can hear them telling her how beautiful she is and how much they love her.  Sister is going to think very highly of herself when she gets older!
I am so lucky to have these three rug rats in my life.  They are all perfect just they way God made them!

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