Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Do you know what that stands for??  Well... I don't either but I am learning.  I may not know what DAFO stands for but my little girl is now wearing them.  Most people know these little braces by Sure Steps.  She was fitted about 3 weeks ago and we went to pick them up yesterday.  I called daycare to check on her, and the news was good.  She isn't bothered by them. 
These braces will help strengthen her ankles and legs in preparation for walking.  She is so close to standing on her own.  It could be any day now!
While the Tech was put the finishing touches on her braces, Izzy asked for a few moments to herself to say goodbye to her pretty summer shoes.  Mommy is going on a search to find some pretty shoes tonight.  I just can't handle the big bulky shoes that came with the braces.  While I am thankful we got them, they are not pretty!
When did my little baby start looking like a little girl?!?
But Mommy... I want to wear my sandals!
Izzy's braces are now part of her wardrobe.  When she is dressed and awake, they have to be on.  So far, she isn't complaining but it has only been 24 hours. 
I will keep you posted on her progress.

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