Monday, July 1, 2013

They're back...

The boys are back from camp!  That's right folks... a week has come and gone.  While they were gone, it seemed like the longest week ever.  Once they returned and the bickering immediately resumed, it felt like they had just left yesterday.  Boys will be boys, right?? But they do grow out of this stage- hopefully.
Well... I know one little girl that is happy they are back...

They had a great first year at camp and are already talking about next year.  I think they were kept pretty busy because this little guy couldn't keep his eyes open when I picked him up.
I thought they would come back so independent and mature but 5 minutes after getting home all I heard was "Mom can you get me so milk?  Mom do you know where my socks are?"  Oh well... wishful thinking on my part. 
I did hear that they were well behaved and showed their manners.  That makes a Mommy happy!!

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