Thursday, July 18, 2013

Folks... we have a stander

Walking with Nana
For the longest time, Izzy would not bare weight on her legs.  Anytime I would hold her up in a standing postion she would pull her legs up like a little frog.  Of course, I was worried.  I knew she would eventually do it but when??  In her own timing...
A few months ago, Izzy started pulling up and then cruising.  Then, just 2 weeks ago, we were so impressed with Izzy trying to stand on her own.  She would get about half way and then plop back down. Her first attempt was while we were waiting for her OT appointment.  I am sure we looked crazy because we were shouting and recording her in the waiting area.  She was so close so we knew it wouldn't be long.

This weekend, she started standing by herself in the middle of the room.  She no longer had to have something to pull up on.  We were in Chipley on Saturday evening and she began standing like a pro.  Even overnight we could see great progress in standing for longer periods of time and even trying to dance and clap while standing.  I am sure it didn't hurt that she had a captive audience with plenty of praise.

I was so worried when we got her last progress report and it said that her next goal to meet was to be standing in the middle of the room on her own by December 2013.  My heart sank... December!!  Sister had other plans.  Being a little selfish for a moment, I think Izzy knew that I needed this right now.  I know these goals are necessary for Early Steps but Izzy will do things when she is ready and I am beginnning to grasp that.  Whether she doesn't quite meet a goal- because she just isn't ready- or if she blows a goal out of the water... she will still do it in her own timing.
I am so proud of her and I can't wait to see what she will conquer next!


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