Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our weekend wrap up...

What would you call this character??
Friday night, the boys had a sleep over with a few friends.  They thought we were mean parents because we kept saying no to sleep overs.  I am sorry.... when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is watch someone else's kids.  Mine are enough for me!  But we gave in and for the most part, they were all good.  At one point, they had a nerf gun war and each were dressed in a different character.  Thankfully, I had kept all of the boy's Halloween costumes so they got some extra wear out of them that night.
Izzy didn't get the memo about the sleepover so she was up bright and early Saturday.  She is really in to the Disney cartoons now so we watched a little Princess Sophia before all the boys woke up.
and we played with Milo.  He is pretty hyper in the mornings but Izzy was able to get a little love from him before he started running the room chasing after his tail.
Aiden isn't used to doing an all-nighter so it took him a while to recooperate from the sleep over.  He ended up sleeping
Just changing positions. 
When I finally was able to wake him up, he had a slight fever so Izzy felt like she needed to take care of him. 
How about some covers brother?!?
Then, Izzy tried to be my little helper by cleaning the fridge- with her tongue!  Thankfully, I had decided to clean the fridge the day before and then again after she used her tongue.
Izzy is a busy girl.  She has places to go and people to see.
Izzy and Milo have a love/dislike relationship.  He loves to chew on her toys... she really doesn't like that.  Milo loves to get in her personal space... Izzy doesn't like that.  Here Milo and Izzy are having a stare down over Minnie Mouse.  I put my money on Izzy. 
So overall, our weekend was very lazy.  Saturday, I don't think I actually left the house (or even got out of my Pjs).  I offered to take the boys to Big Kahunas but they wanted to wait until their Daddy could go.  I guess I wasn't good enough.  Their loss. 

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