Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mama doesn't like drama...

Little Miss doesn't mess around when she is hungry!  There is no getting comfortable after a long day at work, no changing into some yoga pants or just sitting down to take a breather.  Nope... when we get home from work/daycare, Sister wants food and she wants it now. 
She is trying her hand at self feeding.  She prefers her hands over a spoon at the moment.
She also likes to keep Milo happy.  One bite for her and one bite for him.  This makes Mommy... not so happy.
One day, Daddy treated her to a puppet show when she arrived home from a long day at school and now, she has come to expect Ducky and Baby Isabelle to perform for her when she enters her castle. Demanding Diva!
Another performance by Ducky ...
She plays hard all day and she doesn't mess around when she is thirsty.  Chugging on the big gulp.
and some days... she isn't interested in having a conversation with me on our way home.  It makes me a wee bit lonely.  Not really, I am actually just jealous and wishing I could trade places with her.  Oh to be a baby again.
Time out...
Yep- that's right.  Ms. Izzy spent a little time in her new time out chair this weekend.  Sister likes to test her boundaries.  Overall, she is a great listener but she is also like most 2 year old- time to test Mommy and Daddy.  She isn't in to full blown temper tantrums (her brothers still claim the title for Kings of temper tantrums) but she likes to keep an eye on us while she is trying to do something she knows she shouldn't do.  Will Mommy and Daddy stop me or let me continue with this behavior??  For instance, I personally don't like milk all over my carpet- anyone else with me??  Izzy likes to shake, shake, shake her cup and watch the milk pour out onto her and the floor. That is a no-no.
If you look directly at her while she is in time out, she will try and give you the saddest looking puppy dog eyes.  But don't let her fool you,  she knows what she is doing.
Baby girl is growing up on us!

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