Monday, July 19, 2010

Another tooth bites the dust!!

We took the boys to see Despicable Me on Saturday night.  (btw... very good movie.)  During the movie Ethan comes strolling over to our seats with his hand open and another tooth is out.  I believe this was his 4th tooth but this one was a special tooth. We have been talking with him about wiggling the two teeth on either sides of his two front teeth.  Since his two front teeth have come in, the ones on the sides have gone behind them and now nothing is forcing them out.  The dentist said he needed to wiggle them every now and then to get them loose enough to fall out without having to get them pulled.  One special tooth out and one to go.  I have faith that he will pull the next one out as well.  If it comes down to the dentist pulling it or Ethan pulling it, I have my money on Ethan. 
The tooth fairy made a special visit on Saturday night.  Ethan put his tooth in the tooth fairy pillow and even remembered to leave the ribbon handle sticking out from under his pillow.  He remembered that the tooth fairy doesn't want to disturb him sleeping so he has to help her out a little bit. 

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