Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random thoughts...

Some of the random thoughts from Aiden today:
  • Walking into Daycare this morning, Aiden sees a picture of the Statue of "Delivery." (Liberty)
  • "Mom... I have blonde skin."  Well... Alrighty then!
  • Getting ready for bed, Aiden says that he would like to fight a robber but first he would ask the robber to change to God's team.  If the robber says no, then he will have to go ahead and fight him. At least, he gives the robber an option.  (how kind of him)
  • Instead of going to sleep... he is discussing how to get to a hotel that is under ground.  He isn't really sure how it works but Nana never forgets anything so he will just have to ask her.
And now... I think he might finally be asleep.  It must be hard to get settled with all of these interesting topics going through his brain!

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