Monday, July 19, 2010

Barfield Reunion

On Friday and Saturday the boys and I attended the Barfield family reunion.  The entire weekend is filled with singing and eating.  This is a long tradition for the Barfield's.  Most everyone on the Barfield side is talented with either music (instruments) or singing.  I remember growing up, we would have our Friday night sings in the church and we would actually have an audience.  This was a small church but it was always packed.  Everyone came out to listen to the Barfield's!
My dad has 10 brothers and sisters and each family always takes turns singing.  With this many brothers and sisters, you can imagine how many cousins there are so there is a lot of singing.  A lot of my cousins can play many different instruments and I always find it amazing that they will start off with the guitar and then on the next song play the drums and then end up on the piano.  (Not sure what happened with my brother and I with the musical instruments).  Now that I am an adult, I no longer have to sing at these reunions. :) Nana and Papa are now trying to recruit the grand kids. 
My dad is the youngest in his family and I am the youngest grand kid.  I always find it funny.. but we wear name tags so everyone can figure out who belongs to who.
                Nana and Papa with all of their grand kids.
Ian eating a snack.
Mommy and Aiden- Notice the name tags!!
Aiden and Uncle Chad
Aiden and Ian- you will notice that there aren't any more pictures of Ethan.  He stayed outside majority of the time playing with his cousins.
Nana and Ian
Nana and Papa
This is what  Aiden did most of the day. He wasn't feeling great on Saturday.
These are Papa's brothers and sisters.  (going from left to right) Aunt Ethelle, Aunt Francis, Aunt Judy, Uncle Eddie, Uncle Lowell (aka Joe), Aunt Edna Mae and Papa.  We made sure to remember those that have passed away but are still a big part of our family... Uncle Buster, Uncle Charles, Uncle J. R. and Grandma Barfield.
For some reason, everyone calls Uncle Lowell  Joe.  This had been his nickname while growing up.  Now... wouldn't you think that they would have picked a different name for my Dad other than Joseph?  From my understanding, there were actually 13 kids all together but 3 passed away as infants.  I guess by the time they got to my dad they must had run out of names.  So... Papa is called Bud by his family. 

Uncle Chubby playing the tambourine- and no... I am not sure how he got this nickname.  As you can see, he is not actually chubby.
We spent the night at Uncle Chubby and Aunt Carolyn's house.  The boys love spending time with them.
Aiden being cheesy.
We had a great weekend with the family.  Since our family is so large, we have relatives that live in many different states.  While a lot could not attend, it is great to catch up face to face with our cousins, Aunts and Uncles. 

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