Thursday, July 1, 2010

One of those days!!

Yesterday, I seemed to be a little more stressed than normal.  I am car pooling most days with Amy (from work) and so as I sat in the passenger's seat, I was really trying to think happy thoughts .  I walked in to the house to an extra child in our living room.  (One of Ethan's friends went to Kid's Blast (VBS) with us last night.)  The kids had a "blast" at Kid's Blast this year but it made for a long day for Mommy.  On these nights, I didn't have a chance to change or rest until around 8:30 each night.  So... last night I got home, changed and sat down for a few minutes.  I then realized I needed something upstairs and as I reached the top steps, I immediately began thinking something doesn't smell right.  I look in the boy's room and find a nasty surprise from one of our Ryan's dogs.  Mommy is not happy!!  First of all- per Dr's orders- the dogs are not supposed to be in Aiden's room.  Come to find out...this must be their favorite spot during the day while we are not home.  Well, now that I know, the door will be shut each morning. 
After all is cleaned up, I go back downstairs and try to relax just a few minutes before the boys have to go to bed.  Ethan comes running out of our bedroom crying that his bears now have stuff on their faces and it will never come off (insert extra drama here).  I go into the bedroom to find out what this mysterious "stuff" is and it is my Bare Minerals make up. It is all over the bed, both boys, their clothes and two bears.  It seems Aiden was a little curious about Mommy's make up and then couldn't get the lid back on after he made the mess. After a few loads of laundry, Mommy finally got to rest for those few minutes.  Just another day in the Holt household!
On a side note- Aiden's shirt is now ruined after pre-treating and washing.  If make up stains a shirt and it is permanently ruined, is this stuff ok to put on our face and how come it never seems stay on our face for a full 24 hours??  Something to think about!

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