Monday, January 23, 2012

8 months later...

Isabelle, you are 8 months old today.  Can you believe it?!? 

*You are weighing in at 14 lbs. (no one has measured you lately so no accurate update now) and you are wearing mostly 3-6 months clothes except for pants, those are still 0-3 months. 
*You love all of your food except peas and all the meats.  You refuse to open your mouth if she see something green coming your way.  I have to sneak the green beans in your diet so you don't turn orange.  You might look a bit silly with an orange face to go along with your strawberry blond hair.
*You are now saying Mama, Dada, baba and a bunch of other things we can't understand.  You started out with Mama but once you learned Dada, I have yet to her my name again.  I am kind of missing it (hint, hint).  You love to babble all the time and we love to listen to you.  You definitely are a happy baby.
* Your brothers adore you and you might start to think very highly of yourself pretty soon because they are constantly telling you how beautiful you are.  (which of course you are!)  Soon you will learn to slap them when they get right in your face but until then, they enjoy being nose to nose with you.

Isabelle, you can look back on these pictures of you with your brothers and always know that they will love you and protect you:

* Aiden prefers you in dresses and bow/flowers in your hair while Ethan prefers you to have nothing in your hair.  He thinks they are silly looking but with two against one, you normally have a bow/flower in your hair.
* You are still sleeping through the night.  You begin to get sleepy around 8:30 and normally begin to stir around 6:30am.  Some mornings, you will even play quietly so Mommy and Daddy can get a few more minutes of sleep before we start the day.
* You are getting a lot stronger and love to roll over onto your tummy. We are still working extra hard to get you to sit. Once you conquer that, then we will move onto the crawling. Your legs are ready but since you had OHS, your upper body needs a little extra time to catch up.
* You are now getting physical therapy ever week so we look forward to meeting these milestones soon. Plus you will begin speech therapy soon. We are excited to see what we will learn with this new therapy.
Each day we notice you doing new things and we are excited for you to reach some of your current goals and milestones.  We are so proud of you little sister!


Laura said...

Happy 8 months Isabelle!

Norma said...

Aww, she is so sweet and precious!