Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pneumonia plus more

Our house has been sickly for the past week or so.  Fingers crossed, knocking on wood and walking around with Lysol, I am the only one who hasn't come down with anything yet..  Ryan has been sick and is heading to Urgent Care today.  Hopefully, they will give him some antibiotics and a shot in the biscuits.  Ethan has had the sniffles.  Aiden had an appointment with his allergist yesterday due to his sickness.  Right after Aiden's appointment, Papa came to rescue Aiden so Isabelle and I could make a visit to the Pediatric ER.  Isabelle is in between Pediatricians so of course, she gets sick.  Switching back to our original Pediatrician is a longer process than I had anticipated and once the Urgent Care found out she had OHS, it was recommended we go straight to the Pediatric ER.  It is a good thing we went last night because after a nose swab to check for RSV and a chest X-ray, we found out Isabelle has the beginnings of pneumonia.  I am so glad I took her in and they caught it before it got too bad because much longer and she would have been sent to Pensacola.  So now, she is on antibiotics again and hopefully this kicks everything out of her system for good this time. 

Isabelle getting some rest after her long visit to the ER
Everyone needs to get better and I better not get sick so we can all enjoy our trip next week.

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Jaime said...

oh no!! Good thing they caught is now!