Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lost tooth and more...

Aiden got a special visit from the tooth fairy a few nights ago!  He lost his first tooth Tuesday morning while brushing his teeth.  I am so glad that thing is finally out.  My stomach would flip every time he would come around wiggling and twisting that loose tooth.  He asked me a couple of times to help him wiggle it but I just couldn't.
It is hard to tell but it is the bottom tooth.  The adult tooth was already poking through by the time it fell out.
Isabelle received a visit from Big Giant Monkey.  She didn't know what to think about him at first but then they became friends until she took a bite out of his arm.
What is this thing?!?

I don't know but he looks tasty!!
 Yesterday, Ethan began phase 1 of his orthodontist visits.  His mouth is over crowded so in a couple of weeks he will be getting some teeth removed.  Five to be exact... Ouch!!  Don't worry, I have bribed him with money for each tooth pulled.  Phase 1 includes braces on the top teeth along with spacers and a special contraption on the roof of his mouth to help spread his teeth.  Yesterday, he got 4 braces on his front 4 teeth and the rest will follow next week.  He is doing really well so far but is overly worried about what foods he can eat.  (This is our chance to cut out a lot of the candy he consumes since he can't eat most kinds.)

He says he now has 2 smiles.
So far, he is really excited about having braces.  I was worried about his first day at school with them because you never know what kids will say but his friends think it is pretty cool.  Plus, there are a few other kids in 2nd grade that have them as well.  I know when I went to school with braces for the first time, it was not a pleasant experience.  I had just gotten a lovely perm, add braces and my big, thick glasses and that is a combination for disaster. 

And just because she is cute... here is a picture of Izzy passed out on the couch.
She must have had a rough day.

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