Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tooth fairy

Ethan and his tooth fairy are breaking the bank these days.  Yesterday, he had to get 3 baby teeth pulled to make room for his adult teeth that are trying to come in but have no where to go.  He has a big fear of the shots so I bribed promised him $ for each tooth they pulled.  He is excited and reminded me at least 20 times last night that I owed him.  Well... I forgot to hit up the bank for some cash so he has an I.O.U until this weekend.  His tooth fairy apparantly forgot to hit up the bank as well before her visit last night so Ethan woke up to find a role of quarters.  Tacky you might say but also way more than the normal payout.  Lesson learned for Mommy... always have a few dollars on you in case of emergencies. 

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