Thursday, February 9, 2012

Isabelle's well check and new Pediatrician

Well... Dr. K isn't new to our family but he is new to Isabelle.  We finally got her switched over to our original Pediatrician and we love, love, love him.  We switched doctors out of convenience but we learned, once you find someone you love... you stick with them. 
Isabelle is a whopping 14lbs and 7.5 ozs.  She is growing!  We learned that we can start giving her a little Zyrtec each morning to help with her congestion.  I am hoping this helps her as much as it does her big brother.  She loved Ms. S. (the nurse) until the very end but she forgives easily.  We didn't have much time to explain to Isabelle that Ms. S. would be giving her 2 shots (1 was the flu shot) or that she was going to have to get a crazy chest X-ray.  She likes a little notice so she can prepare herself!

Chest X-ray is to check out the bone that sticks out near the bottom of her incision.  Can you see it??
We took her down to get a X-ray and she had fun entertaining the other patients until it was her turn.  I took her back and I so wish I had brought my cell phone.  I laid her down on the table just as I had done in the past for her X-rays but not this time.  Instead, she was put into a crazy cylinder type contraption. (Just imagine... a table with a circle cut out of the center and your baby sitting on a little saddle with her feet dangling and then a clear cylinder tube placed around her from her waist up with her hands placed above her head and her little nose and eyes sticking out of the top.  Did you get that?!?) I told the tech that I didn't mean to sound insensitive but I wish I would have brought my camera because that thing is ridiculous and I needed to be able to show Ryan.  (I have made a mental note for any future X-rays to pack my camera.)
She looked so pitiful and definitely didn't like this type of X-ray.  The only thing she could move was her little hand and she was waving it like crazy for me to help her out.  It took her a little while to calm down and on our way out, an elderly gentleman said, "well we know her lungs aren't the problem."  He is correct.  Sister has some lungs!

She was so upset with us that she didn't talk to us at all the entire trip back to daycare. Miss Princess can be sassy at times!
We also now have our prescription for her speech evaluation so we will be starting another therapy soon.  Can't wait to see what all we learn!

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