Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on Isabelle's chest Xray...

We received a call from our nurse with the results of Isabelle's chest Xray.  It showed that the bottom wire (there were wires put on Isabelle's chest bone after her OHS to keep her chest bone together until it fused) is broken.  This is making the bone heal incorrectly.  Our doctor is making some calls to her surgeon at Arnold Palmer as well as her cardiologist to find out what our next steps will be.
Hopefully, we will hear something tomorrow so we can put our minds at ease. 
Now, she is sleeping soundly and resting up for a new day tomorrow.


Aimee said...

Piper has a pretty significant bump on the bottom of her sternum, too. It HAS gotten tons better since it was at it's worse (probably about 2-6 months post surgery), but it's definitely still there. We've been told that it'll probably just "be", and that there's not a whole lot to do about it. There are cosmetic surgeries to lessen the bump; they said that we could pursue those when she's older if it's bothering her. Our real hope, though, is that as she gets bigger and fills out some more, it'll be less and less noticeable.

Obviously not sure if it's the same thing as your little bug, but just had to put it out there. She sure is adorable! :)

Becca said...

Oh, yikes! I hope it's an easy fix. :-( I was always worried about those wires - Sammi's chest bone stuck so far out for about 2 years after surgery, and I had thought it was one of the wires. Turns out it was just the bone, and suddenly it went away. Weird stuff.