Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Isabelle Claire

Isabelle has been a busy bee lately.  She is talking, stretching and even learning a little bit of sign language. 
I have explained that sitting like this is not very lady like.  By the looks of her, sister doesn't seem to care.

Isabelle Claire- 9 months old

Last night, we couldn't get her to wake up for anything.  A song and dance didn't seem to get a rise out of her and then I even waved her bottle and food in front of her and still nothing.  Come to find out, she is a little under the weather.  So hopefully the sleep will do her some good.  When she did finally wake up... she was ready to perform for us.
What is everyone waiting for?!?

Isabelle rolled completely over from her back to tummy to back.  She was able to do this months ago but she likes to show her stubborn streak and refused to roll completely over for a while.  See how proud she is!!  The boys and I were yelling and cheering so much that I am surprised that we didn't scare her. 
A few days ago, we were practicing sitting up and she sat for the longest I had ever seen.  I cried like a little baby.  I now understand when other mothers talk about being so emotional with their children meet milestones.  They came so easy for the boys but to see how much harder Isabelle has to work to reach her milestones puts everything into perspective for me.  I see a lot of happy tears in my future.
Isabelle is also becoming interested in what the boys are doing.  They were trying to teach her how to play the Playstation. 

Isabelle is trying new foods.  She is now eating stage 2 baby food.  I thought this food was a little more solid but they seem to be as runny as Stage 1.  She is also eating puffs and the baby rice cakes (MESSY!!)
 She loves to be carried around by her big brother!  They both had a huge grin on their face.
She tried sitting in a buggy for the first time.  By the look on her face, I think she is afraid of all the germs!
The boys are teaching her some sign language.  Ethan is showing her sleep and Aiden is teaching her water.  Don't you like how both boys are signing a different sign at the same time??  Mass confusion!

Little Sister you are loved!!


Becca said...

I can't believe she's 9 months old already!! The time has flown, and she's such a beautiful, BIG girl!!!

Unknown said...

All of your children are so beautiful. What blessings they are!I really enjoy your blog too.

Anonymous said...

Love the look on her face in the buggy. I can totally relate! LOL :) I wish they came with a can of Lysol to spray them down. Tell her that Aunt Stephie is so proud of her for sitting up like a big girl!