Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing catch up... Basketball/baseball Season

Basketball Season 2012:

We didn't get a ton of pictures this season because they just move around way too much.  I could never keep up.  Ethan did great his first season of basketball and I think he is looking forward to next year.
Now we have gone straight into baseball season.  With both boys playing, I feel like we are at the fields every night of the week.  Not a favorite time for me.  Ethan is doing great.  He had his first scrimmage and hit the ball great.  We keep telling him that he has to hit the ball into the outfield in order for him to get on base.  The kid runs like a turtle.  We blame his running (slowness) on the fact that he broke his femur when he was 3 and stayed in a lower body cast for 7 weeks.  I swear that thing didn't heal properly.  Or... it could just run in the family.  His cousin is pretty slow as well (Sorry for calling you out Mikaylal!).
Aiden loves playing baseball but at times his attention span is just not there yet.  It doesn't help that his team consists of kids from 4-7.  That is a very big age difference and they all at different levels.  So, this season should be interesting. 

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