Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend wrap up...

Friday, we had a lazy night with the kids to unwind from our busy week.  So we put on our pajamas, ate some pizza and watched the movie Dolphin Tale.  Good movie... but an even better night just relaxing with the family. 
Saturday, Ethan had another basketball game.  He scored 10 points his last game.  He is doing great and his height definitely helps at this stage.
That evening we took the boys to Fat Daddy's.  I sure wish I had come up with this idea.  Where else can you go and spend $40 and leave with approximately $5 worth of junk prizes??  We all played a while and Izzy hung out in her sling.
Who is that creepy guy in the background?!?

Daddy winning lots of tickets!

Time for the prizes

Bored out of her little mind.
That evening, I rented another movie and who knew that renting the movie The Help could clear a room of boys and men!!  I enjoyed the movie but of course the book is so much better.  It didn't take long before Izzy was uninterested as well.
Oh well... I was able to enjoy a rare moment of Mommy time.
The boys did end up making good use of their prizes.  Every time I turned around, I found one of the boys like this...

What?!?  Doesn't every little boy need a paid of handcuffs?
On Sunday, I woke up to Isabelle yelling for Dada.  I go in to check on her and she is stuck, but happy.
Don't worry... she isn't hurt.  She was talking away and having a good time minus being able to get her legs back out.
Sunday evening, we enjoyed some bowling, pool and my all time favorite... air hockey.  Mommy is still the reigning champ! 

I love weekends like this- a lot of relaxing and family time!

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Becca said...

Wow, a fun weekend!! Love Izzy's earrings. Wishing now that I'd gotten Sammi's ears pierced back when she was too little to touch them. Now I have to wait until *she* wants to have them done. :-(

Haven't seen The Help yet, but I also loved the book. And my husband wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near a movie like that. Not a chick flick kinda guy.