Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a morning?!?

(Just imagine 2 boys and the baby without hair and this currently describes us!)
 The kids and I couldn't get it together today.  Throw in a little something extra like Valentines Day and we go a little crazy around our house.  We I was running around making sure everyone had everything and thanking the school cafeteria for serving breakfast for lunch.  That is a guarantee eat at school day.  I quickly fed Isabelle enough bottle to tide her over until breakfast and out to the car we go.  Well... a few more trips in the house to get an umbrella because of course, today it is pouring outside, then back in to get diapers... you catch my drift. 
Everyone is buckled and off we go to daycare.  All the sudden I hear both boys yelling, "Izzy is throwing up."  I don't hear anything coming from Izzy so I assume it is more like spit up (boys can be so dramatic sometimes)and ask one of them to wipe her up.  I get zero response so I tell Ethan, he has to clean her up so I can drive.  Ethan cleans her up and then hands me her bib (which of course I didn't think to actually put the bib on her...silly Mommy) pinched between his two little fingers.
I look in my rear view mirror and find Aiden hugging the car door and staring intently out the window.  If the car had not been moving, I am pretty sure he would have jumped out!  Then I start to hear some gagging coming from Aiden's side of the car.  (Have I said it before...gotta love his gag reflex?!?)  I try to get Aiden's attention off the throw up spit up and onto to something nice and peaceful (like swimming in the ocean or horses running in the pasture).  Anything for him not to throw up in my car!!  Mission accomplished for now... hopefully we won't hear from the school nurse today. 
Got to love mornings like these!  I always feel guilty when our mornings start off like this and then I have to send them off to school and hope they have a great day.  I know it takes me a while to unwind after such a stressful morning.

Oh, and by the way... Happy Valentines!!  Ethan woke up telling everyone Happy Valentines and getting lots of kisses and smiles from Isabelle.  Even on mornings like this... I wouldn't trade my 3 little Valentines for anything.

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