Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun filled weekend...

Friday, March 16th was our 10 year anniversary. 

(I can't believe how little we look in these pictures.)
Ryan and I had great intentions to do something special but we have pushed our special date off until another time.  This weekend was all about the kids... I took the day off on Friday and we spent this weekend cramming in as much family time as we possibly could.  We are all worn out and crispy from being out in the sun for the past 3 days. 
We started Friday off with lunch and then an attempt at a bike ride.  Aiden forgot to take a shot of his inhaler (he is worn out by the time we pass our neighbors house) and then we realized he had a flat tire (unfixable).  So, back to the house we go and we jumped in the car to get a new bike (Ethan got the new bike and Aiden got his old bike).  Poor Aiden... always gets the hand me downs. 
Before we attempted another bike ride, we decided to start our veggie/fruit garden.
 I never realized how much work it takes to get a garden started.  We wanted to use the grass in the front yard so that made things a little more difficult at first. 
Hopefully soon we will have strawberries, carrots, cucumbers and corn to feast on.  I can't wait!
Isabelle got tired so she took her afternoon nap under the shade.  I was a bit jealous!
We also planted an orange tree and a blueberry bush.
After a little resting, we made our second attempt at a family bike ride.  This was Aiden's first official day of bike riding without his training wheels.  He did great until we meet another family on our path and he panicked and fell- skinning his knees.  Isabelle didn't like riding along the bumpy path so she screamed most of the way.  So...we tried, but this bike ride was unsuccessful.

Isabelle was worn out after this bike ride.  Next... come up with a better way for her to ride!
Saturday morning, we started at the ball fields bright and early.  The boys did great and we can see some improvement with each game.  After the game, we headed to a park on the Island to meet up with some other DS families from our area.  We had a great picnic and the kids played until it was time to head back home.  Then, we tried another bike ride and things went a little smoother this time.  We decided to strap Isabelle's car seat into her carriage and she enjoyed this ride much better.  Other than Aiden running into Ethan and dumping him into an ant bed, this ride was successful.
That evening, the boys did some work on our dishwasher.  Thankfully, it was a quick and easy fix.
On Sunday, we spent the day at the beach.  This was our first official beach day in 2012 and it was nice and relaxing.

This weekend was a great start to Spring Break.  Mommy has to work so our nights will probably be filled with more bike rides and whatever else we can think of to make this time enjoyable for the kids.

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