Monday, March 12, 2012

Opening day

We started our Saturday bright and early.  We were at the ball fields before 8am for the annual baseball parade/ceremony.  We get there only to find out that Aiden was given the wrong jersey.  Oops!  I raced to the uniform store Friday after work to make he had a uniform to wear for his first game but failed to look everything over before leaving.  So, his jersey is from another team and his name is spelled wrong on his hat.  Mom is batting zero. 
After the ceremony, the boys enjoyed some time in the bouncy houses/slides while Mommy, Daddy and Izzy laid on a blanket wishing we were back in our beds. 
Isabelle relaxing in the sun

Brotherly love!  I plan on framing this picture and showing them when they can't seem to stop fighting.

I couldn't even read his shirt until someone pointed out that it said Storm and not MudCats (the team he actually is on).
We enjoyed some barbecue while waiting for every ones games to start.  It was a family affair since Ian and Mikayla had games as well.

Ethan and Ryan came back from pictures with a little something extra... a turtle.  The turtle did not come home with us.   

The boys did great in their games especially for it being the first game of the season.  Isabelle was a trooper and was a cute little cheerleader in between her naps and feedings.  She also tried her first pickle and loved it.  She didn't even want to share with me. 

Ethan and Isabelle
If you can't tell, I was a little out of it on Saturday.  Obviously, I didn't even look at Aiden's uniform at any point during the morning and then I just realized, looking at these pictures, Isabelle's bow is on upside down.  Oh well, even Mommys have their off days!

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