Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pick your battles and more...

Lately, I am learning to pick my battles. 

This is how Aiden chose to wear his hair last night.  In a normal situation, I would have tried to talk him out of it but not last night.  Whatever makes the kid happy.  He actually got embarrassed when it was time to show his friends so he decided to take it out and I was the one encouraging him to keep it in.  Who is this person?!?  A slightly less stressed Tonya, that's who!  
I am a born worrier and trust me... there are things in my life that deserve a little bit of worry right now but I am at peace with my life.  
So instead of stressing about what my kids are wearing, if their clothes match completely or if their hair is fixed to my liking... I am trying to go with the flow.  Life with 3 kids can run a person ragged and pull you in so many different directions so, don't sweat the small things.  My house looks like people actually live there, there might be toys on the floor in my living room, dishes in the sink (our sink is never empty!) and laundry that is beginning to overflow but my kids know they are loved and I know that I am loved. 
So... stop and do the silly dance with your kids, sing at the top of your lungs - even if it is off key- or just add a few extra minutes of snuggle time before bed.  I know my kids love it when we stop in the middle of our crazy, busy life and dance, sing or snuggle.

Last night, we had some chocolate pudding with whip cream (from the can...the best kind).  Each kid got a squirt of whip cream straight into their mouth.  Look who didn't get left out...
(Yes, I realize she is wearing a boy bib but again...pick your battles!)

Life is hard out in the real world so I am learning to relax and take each day as it comes.  This is a slow and continuous process but I am learning to pick my battles.  So far so good!


Anonymous said...

Very well said! I know I try, but need to let go a little bit more and pick my battles a little more. For a control freak like me that is not easy! :) Oh, and I'll be waiting for my invitation to the next pudding and cool whip party! ;)


Ilisa Ailts said...

Hey, the first and last pic are the same hair style! Good for you. Kids learn best when they can make decisions and live with the consequences. Besides, us moms run out of energy!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the reminder, this is something I need to work on as well.

Nikki - blog design to support special needs orphans in India!

The Giffords said...

Loved this! Definitely something I need to work on. You are such a great Mama....your kids are so blessed!