Monday, March 26, 2012

Wolves and more...

Saturday, was Ryan's birthday and to celebrate, we went to a Wolf Preserve.  I have been going to Chipley my entire life and never once had I heard of Seacrest Wolf Preserve
First we had to drop Isabelle off with Nana.
We worked really hard on this pose.  Not really... she likes to sit with her knees pulled in (which is making conquering sitting a little more difficult!)
We didn't want the wolves to mistake her for their afternoon snack so she enjoyed some special bonding time with Nana. 
We arrived at the Preserve and ate some lunch while waiting for our tour to begin.  We learned a lot about the wolves and then got to experience their home environment.  We started off learning about the Grey wolf and got to meet Kiowa (the social butterfly of the bunch).  This wolf was extremely friendly and liked to give lots of kisses.  I have to admit, I wasn't disappointed when he skipped over us to kiss on the next group.  He was beautiful but I had already taken my bath for the day.  We learned that the wolves only have one soul mate for life.  The lady wolves are very aggressive with their men.  One male wolf had lost his ear due to a lady wolf obviously having issues dealing with her hormones. 
Then we met Spirit.  He was our favorite and a true inspiration.  His soul mate and another lady wolf (the ladies seem to always be the problem) got into an argument and he tried to protect his soul mate.  In doing that, he was badly injured and lost his front leg.  After being nursed back to health, he rejoined his family and learned to do everything he was able to do before.  He was even able to keep his Alfa status.
After meeting the wolves, we headed over to the petting zoo and met some cute skunks, fox, and raccoons. 
We had a great day and it was even educational.  We gained a new respect for these beautiful animals.

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