Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Little Fishermen

Recently, we made a quick trip to Chipley with my family to do a little fishing.  The only things missing were Daddy (he has been working odd hours lately) and a little breeze.  It was so hot, I swear I was actually going to melt - totally not possible but if it were... I would have been like a bowl of mushy soup on the ground. 
The boys absolutely love going to Chipley.   They can run free, scream as loud as they would like and have no worries in the world.  They often ask to go to Chipley so they were pleasantly surprised when we planned this spontaneous fishing trip.  They played until they are completely worn out.  It definitely makes for a nice and peaceful ride home!
Just getting started.

Taking a break from fishing for a bit.
Trying out Papa's new fishing pole.

Ethan is going a little crazy from all the heat!

Aiden now thinks he is an Indian.  That stick somehow made its way back to our house!

Isabelle trying to stay cool with a little stretching.
 Isabelle and Owen spent most of their time in the shade with Nana. I spent most of my time trying to think of an excuse to go and check on Izzy so I could get in the shade.   I love the Florida sun but there are some days when it is just way too hot to be outside. 

The boys were a little surprised that I could bait a hook and take a fish off the line.  I did a little fishing back in the day but you would have rarely seen me bait my own hook and never would I have attempted to take a fish off the line.   But hey... I am a Mom now and the kids needed help.  I got over my fears of fish guts and just did it.  I think Mommy earned some cool points that day.

He caught a fish!

So did Ethan.

A nice rainbow to finish off our great day! 
We enjoyed our afternoon with the family - fishing and a picnic.  If only we could have had Ryan there, added in a little breeze and minus the millions of love bugs-the day would have been picture perfect!

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