Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well that was interesting...

Last night, I attended Aiden's 1st grade Open House.  I squeezed into his tiny desk and waited for the presentation to begin.  I quickly learned that I was missing a big piece from the puzzle.  Everything the teacher was discussing and all of the slides were about our kids being gifted/talented.  I checked his name on his desk and opened his little "About me" book one more time just to make sure I was in the correct class.  Sure enough... I was!    
So then, I leaned over to my neighbor Mom and asked- Is this class Team Quest?  After a strange look, she said yes, this is the gifted program.  Say What?!?  How did I miss this?? 
Aiden was tested over the summer for the gifted program and missed the cut off by 2 points.  We were told that if there is room in the program then he will get in but they would call us to let us know.  We never received a call so we assumed he was in the typical classroom setting.  We never even noticed when we went to the initial Orientation.  As you can probably tell, we are not very observant.  Well... it runs in the family.  I asked Aiden if he realized he was in Team Quest?  His response... what is that?  That's my boy. 
I loved learning about the curriculum for Team Quest.  I think Aiden is going to be awesome and learn so much.  Here's to a great year in the gifted program!!  Let's hope Mommy can keep up with the homework. 
Our little class clown!
I sure hope his teachers are ready for a little crazy this year!  Aiden is going to keep them on their toes.

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