Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soccer time

Soccer has started and we are at the fields bright and early every Saturday.  Isabelle is a great sport and enjoys cheering for her brothers during their games. 
Sharing a snack during brother's game.
 Ethan's first soccer game: It rained like crazy and the boys had a blast.  The parents... not so much.  We sat in the dugout cheering from a distance.
 Aiden tried goalie for a bit but thankfully the coach realized he isn't up for the task just yet.  Goalie always stresses Mommy out!

Ethan is doing great -when he remembers what sport he is actually playing.  He loves football right now.  He lives it, watches it, and probably dreams about it.  So he is wanting to practice and play football every chance he can.  His last soccer game, we had to remind him what sport he was playing.  He had his hands in the air, diving for the ball and blocking the other players. 
Aiden is still learning.  He is more interested in talking with the coach or playing with his new friend.  During half time, I run to give him a puff of his inhaler thinking a little boost will help him.  He is trying and learning but at six... he gets distracted easily.  But, when he gets in there, the boy can run and kick hard.  So I know he has it in him, it will just take some time.

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