Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Isabelle's happenings

Isabelle is now 15 months (well...16 months on the 23rd) and she is becoming such a big girl!  She is weighing in at 19 lbs so we are finally beginning to bring out her 6-9 months clothing. Yay!!
She loves table food and so far, we haven't found anything that she doesn't like.  Sister is not picky!  Isabelle still doesn't have any teeth but I have been told not to worry... they shall come.
She is officially a bum scooter and she is fast!  She is in to everything and this makes me so happy.  Who knew I would be doing cart wheels over having to baby proof the house.  We celebrate all her accomplishments- big and small. 

She is doing great with physical therapy.  Although her therapist would not be happy with the sight of this...

She is staying in the 4 point crawl position for longer periods of time without getting upset so this is a small breakthrough.  Isabelle has turned into quite the comedian as well.  As soon as Mrs. T turns the corner to begin PT, Isabelle waves high and then signs all done.  No-No Sister, you have work to do!  She is or stubborn little girl but she is so very smart.
Isabelle still loves the water and enjoyed our days at Big Kahunas over the summer.  She even has a slight tan to prove it. 
 She loves her brothers and ... she is loved by many.

She loves new toys- even if they are only big boxes...

What?!?  I didn't do anything wrong.
We have decided to take a big step and ask her Daycare to slowly transition her into the toddler room.  This was a hard decision but we know she is ready.  We wanted to wait until she could move around independently and she has got that covered now.  She is drinking from a sippy cup and loves to feed herself.  So now, she is ready to move up to the big girl class.  Right after I made the call, I shed a few tears because she is my little baby and I am not ready to let go just yet but I think Isabelle is ready.  Like I said, she is stubborn and she knows a lot more than we sometimes give her credit.  She will cheat if given the chance so I think the move will help her in the long run.  She will now be with her peers and this might push her a bit. 
Isabelle Claire- you brighten my day.  I love picking you up after a long day at work only to be greeted with with your big toothless smile and cute wave.  Seeing you makes any stress or worries disappear for the time being.  Mommy loves you to the moon and back!

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