Friday, November 2, 2012


The kids had a great Halloween this year and bonus... no homework!!  No homework for kids = no homework for Mommy.   Shhh... don't tell the kids but Mommy doesn't like homework. 
Daddy had to work Halloween night so it was just the kids and I this year but thankfully, Chad and Steph brought the cousins over to go with us.  It was nice to have some much needed adult interaction/conversation during the night. 
I raced home from work to get all the kids ready and then off we went to scope out the neighborhood and get some candy.  But first... a few pictures of course!
Ethan was a Special force Ninja, Isabelle was a beautiful Peacock and Aiden was Snake Eyes (GI Joe).  Mimi purchased the costumes this year and the kids looked awesome.
 I tried to take at least one picture of Izzy with the head piece and she zoned out.

 Tough guys!
 Aiden swears he is smiling behind his mask.
 Little Peacock got a little hungry before we started the night. 
All the cousins getting ready to do some trick or treating.
Ian was a Ninja but you add fangs and now he is a Vampire Ninja, Mikayla is a Gator super fan and Owen is her little side kick- Gator boy.
One last picture of Isabelle before she demanded to be free of the Peacock costume.
Now if only I could find a good place to hide all the candy from the kids. 

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Alliesmomma said...

We roll with the candy in the dryer... Just remember before you turn it on! ;-)