Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today I am thankful for...

Aiden was our giant "preemie".  Born a month early but still weighing in at 7lbs 1oz.  (notice the similarities... I tend to have large babies.  Lucky me!) 

This kid was born smiling and with a sense of humor.  Aiden has given himself the title of Class clown.  While he is extremely funny, he thinks he is funny all.the.time and he will repeat himself until he gets the reaction he so deserves or we get tired and tell him "that is enough". 
He has such a big heart and a tender spirit.  His feelings can get hurt very easily but he shakes it off quickly. 
Ethan and Aiden couldn't be more opposite.  While Ethan can be shy, Aiden will talk to anyone who will listen.  He asks a ton of questions and will sometimes try and answer those questions himself if he doesn't think you are quick enough.
He is smart and surprised us this year by getting into Team Quest (gifted program) at school.  I say he surprised us because while he is very smart, he is also very absent minded.  We thought it was a little funny in the beginning but then you start to worry as time passes.  So, it is comforting to know that he can focus and remember things when it comes to school.  At home... that is a different story.  Maybe he is just playing us... Something to think about!                
Aiden has had some health issues early on.  Nothing too serious but you still never want to see your baby going through anything difficult.  After a hospital stay and some testing, we found out he has asthma and food allergies.  I have never met a kid that gets a little excited when he knows he is getting blood drawn or a shot.  That is a little sad to me but at least he is a good sport.  Thankfully, we have gotten everything under control and he is doing awesome!  I think Aiden's health issues were a test run for me and maybe help prepare me a little more for his baby sister.   

Aiden had to adjust to no longer being the baby in our family.  It took him a little extra time but now, he wouldn't trade the "middle child" role for anything.  Izzy is one lucky girl and I am one lucky Mommy! 

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