Thursday, November 29, 2012


The night before Thanksgiving we headed out to the Commons for some coffee/hot chocolate and a little play time.  Isabelle loved playing on the slides with her brothers.

We tried something different this year for Thanksgiving- a lunch buffet at a hotel on the beach.  It was a beautiful day and the food was great!
After lunch we headed out to the beach so the kids (and Papa) could play some football and get sandy.

Happy Thanksgiving!
(During lunch, a man walked up to Izzy and started to talking to her.  He said- "he is so handsome".  Really?!?  Look what she is wearing)
Mikayla and I

Playing some football

Our crazy family!
We also got to watch our high school band play during the Macy's parade.  Way to represent- Go Eagles!!
After a little bit of resting, we headed over to the Holt's for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a great day full of food and family.  What a way to spend Thanksgiving!

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