Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dinner out with cranky pants...

I took the kids to dinner and I had 3 cranky pants on my hands!  This made for a not so fun least for me.  I don't think the kids noticed or cared at the moment. But at least I did get my chips and salsa so I can't complain too much!
It is all fun and games...
someone gets mad!
As you can tell... Aiden isn't bothered by what is going on a few inches from him.  Aiden is always in his own little world!

The boys do love their Sister!!  They tell her all the time that they will always take care of her.  This warms my heart!

After dinner can you guess where we went...
This isn't safe and it didn't last long!  The boys insisted that Izzy wanted to ride on their lap.  Not even a minute later... they realized Mommy knew what I was talking about and we changed carts.
Why yes, we are at  Target again! Don't judge!!
I have always been a person on the go and now with the boy's in sports... I don't really have a choice.  So since Ryan works most nights now, the kids and I like to be out and about and not sitting around the house.  Well.. it is probably more just me and the kids have had to learn that Mommy likes to be out and about.
I really do need to learn to sit still.  This is a bad habit of mine.  I always feel like I need to be up and doing something.  Probably because with three kids, there is always something that needs to be done and I will quickly stress out when things are left undone.  I wonder if I will ever change to where I won't be bothered by dishes in my sink, toys on the floor or clothes on the couch.  Nah... probably not!
I probably should have put this habit in my New Year's Resolution of things to change in 2013.  But who is kidding themselves... my new year's resolutions have already been kicked to the curb and we are not even finished with January yet.

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