Thursday, January 17, 2013

Newest little Holt

Meet Pip Squeak...
The newest addition to our family.   If you know me... you are probably wondering how this little critter ever made its way into our home.  Well... I wonder that myself.
It went a little something like this...
Last Friday we took the kids to Cici's- "Welcome to Cici's"- and the tradition is to visit the Pet store before we head home.  Thinking this was going to be a quick visit, I held my breath and entered.  Pet stores are stinky! 
We checked out all the animals.  Izzy did a lot of Oh-ing but she wasn't impressed with this bird.   Can you tell?!?
*If you haven't seen Ryan in a while- don't get worried.  He looks a little too skinny (I wish the camera did that for me!) but he is healthyand weighs about the same as usual :) .  He was talking while I was taking this picture.*
Some how we ended up leaving with a new pet guinea pig but he has quickly become part of the family.  He is the sole responsibility of the boys and so far they are doing pretty good.  Ethan seems to disappear when it is time to clean up his cage but we are working on that.
Pip doing a little exercising with Izzy.   Izzy is not allowed to be near Pip by herself.  We quickly learned that gentle is not in her vocabulary.  She likes to squeeze and poke him in the eyeball.
 Saying good night.

Playing a video game with Ryan. 

I think he is going to fit in perfectly. 
I was told these animals are very social and will more than likely need a friend.  I thought we could be his friend but we are starting to figure out that by "friend" that means someone a little smaller and with a lot more hair.  He seems to be a little lonely so I wouldn't be surprised if he soon gets a playmate.   The important thing for us to make sure is that we get another male.  We can't have any babies popping up in the near future!

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