Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It is time for you to go...

RSV... I don't like you.  It is time for you to go...
Last Tuesday, we started off our morning with two dentist appointments (Aiden and I).  We both did the happy dance because we left with clean reports.  No cavities!!  This is big news in our household.  Both boys have had major issues with their teeth these last few years.  I no longer go to the appointments because I can't handle the news.   I always leave feeling like a bad parent so I make Ryan go.  How nice of me, right?!?   But I couldn't get out of this appointment since I had my cleaning right afterwards.  Boo!
Oh and yeah, I enjoyed seeing my dentist so much that I had to make another visit the next day.  That afternoon, I thought I would do the boys a favor and eat a piece of their bubble gum (because they don't really need it... cavities) and it was so hard that I chipped my tooth.  This explains just a little of how my week has gone so far.
After our appointments, Izzy and I headed to the doctor.  Sister has been feeling under the weather and it was time to get checked out.  Her doctor was out of the office.  He is out on Tuesdays and wouldn't you guess it that Tuesdays are the days that she needs to be seen.  Isn't that how it always works?!?  Another doctor was able to see her and we were in and out within 15 minutes- unheard of!  We found out that she has bronchitis.  Poor thing!  We got some antibiotics and we were on our way. 
Over the next 2 days, she didn't get better and had stopped eating, drinking and started running a fever so back to the doctor we went.  This time, her doctor was available which would normally make her happy.  She loves Dr. K and his nurse.  Bad news... she had lost a pound in two days and now she has RSV.  More medicine and now breathing treatments every 4 hours. 
Ryan called me after their appointment and asked me to come home early because he was so frazzled. During her breathing treatment in the office, she slapped her nurse twice and then pulled her doctor's stethoscope out of his ears. I think they will forgive her since this was way out of character for her. But just in case, I will make sure she apologizes at her follow up appointment.  We want to stay on their good side.

Izzy is such an easy baby even when she is sick (most of the time). But this RSV is kicking her biscuits. She is not sleeping, eating and is extremely clingy. Makes for getting anything done impossible. My house is a disaster and I think the boys finally had a bath yesterday. At least I am remembering to feed them!

We are giving Izzy breathing treatments every 4 hours but she isn't a fan.  Antibiotics are done and we are continuing her other medicines in hopes that this RSV leaves soon.
We have found that sleeping is the best way to give her the treatments without getting slapped but did I mention that she isn't sleeping at all.  What's up with Sister slapping all of the sudden?!? 

Oh, and by the way, this is the outfit she wore to her doctors appointment!  Can you tell her Daddy took her?!?  She is in Christmas Pjs- at the end of January.  We gladly sport our Christmas Pjs all year long at the house but not normally out and about because that would just be silly.
So, we are getting very little sleep in our house right now- minus the boys... they haven't skipped a beat.  Izzy will go to sleep fine but will wake up screaming through out the night.  After the screaming has started, the only way she will sleep is by lying on our chest.  An hour is about my limit of holding Izzy while sleeping and then my skin starts to crawl so Ryan has to take over.  I feel like I am trapped!  Would that be considered- being claustrophobic??  Who knows but I just don't like it!
Izzy and I have been seeing the sun rise a lot this past week.  While it is beautiful, I would much rather be sleeping.
Morning hugs
A little morning with Sponge Bob... not Mommy's favorite cartoon.

I am sick but I am still beautiful!
Izzy is drinking like a champ now- which makes me less worried about dehydration but she still won't eat much.  Cheez-its are her new best friend.  Whatever Sister wants, she gets- at this point.  Hopefully, I am not creating a monster!
A few nights ago, I cooked her up some delicious scrambled eggs (that is about how far my cooking skills go)- not interested.  Then I tried some macaroni and cheese- not interested. 
NO Mommy... I don't want those scrambled eggs!
Next, cinnamon rolls.  She scarfed down two!  Definitely not healthy but it was better than nothing. 
Oh, and notice the candle in the back.  While it smells absolutely wonderful... it did not relieve any stress!  False advertisement or maybe I just need something a little stronger than a candle at this point.
So we are now a week past Izzy's original doctors appointment and while she is slowly getting better, she still has a ways to go.
Just chilling on her new bean bag that she has taken over from her brothers.  You snooze... you lose boys!
Izzy and I were getting a little bored so I started experimenting with her hair.  By the look on her face... I don't think she was too happy with me.  I need to do a lot more practicing before she gets more hair.
Where's Bam Bam?!?

Just hanging out with Mom.  I won't let her get too far away from me or I scream.  It is my new trick and it works for now.

Bored again!  Just sitting around making faces.
We have a follow up on Thursday and we are praying for a good report.  We hope to see our easy going Izzy back in the house soon!

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