Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just a little pampering...

Saturday, the kids and I went to Papa's shop so I could get a much needed haircut.  Don't worry, the kids got a little pampering as well. 
Aiden got a shampoo and then sat under the dryer.  Don't all boys dry their hair this way?!?
Ethan's turn...

Izzy's turn... Sister didn't care too much for her shampoo but she will learn to love it.  
After their shampoo and dry, they decided they wanted to slicked back look. 
 This was Aiden's response to learning that his hair will stay like this until he washes it again...
 After all that, they both decided to get their hair cut short.   Mommy was happy!  Doesn't he look handsome??
Side Note:
The boys recently had a book fair at their school.  They decided to spend their money on a "Gross" book that came with their very own glow in the dark snot.  (Notice the fake snot).  So... thank you book fair, I now get to spend my days listening to gross questions/answers while my boys walk around with glow in the dark snot.  I might have to attend the next book fair to approve their purchases.

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