Saturday, March 2, 2013

Party time-

You know when the house is a little too quiet and you should really start searching for your children.  Well, I was just enjoying the quiet a few minutes longer until... I heard two boys screaming my name.  
I run into the Izzy's room to find this... (and a big mess!)
Sister had pulled herself up to standing!!  We all three did the happy dance and almost scared her silly.  She hung on to her crib for dear life but she did it... and then she did it again and again!  Each time expecting the same reaction as the first so we gave it to her- the happy dance and lots of cheering. 
We have been waiting for this milestone a long time so I am still grinning ear to ear.  Izzy has worked hard for this moment and she deserves a party- and she got one last night! 
So proud of my big girl!!

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