Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Opening day

Saturday was the official start of our baseball season and games.  Practice has been happening for a few weeks now but Saturday was the kickoff.  The past few years, we have spent the entire day at the ball park and we are all burnt and worn out (well... at least I am).  So this year, I purposely didn't buy lunches with every intention of not staying all day but that didn't happen.  So Ryan had to run out and grab lunch for us.  It was cheaper but poor planning.
We arrived at 8am for the parade (I realized at the end that I was probably the only Team Mom that didn't walk in the parade- Oops!) and left after Aiden's game at around 3:45 .  We were in a hurry to get to the parade so we left all the bags and stroller in the car.  After a few trips to the car (parked far away from the park) to get bags and stroller we realized this again was not smart.  Mommy and Daddy's brain were not quite working that early in the morning. 
After spending all day at the fields, we all ended up with weird sunburns because it was overcast and I wasn't thinking.  When will I learn?!?  Even Izzy's cheeks got too much sun.

Yep... bad Mommy!
Ethan is in kid pitch so this is a learning experience. 
Izzy is the official cheerleader.  She does great and just goes with the flow.  Being a part of this family means Sister gets dragged everywhere.

This is Aiden's first year in machine pitch.  So far, he is having a little trouble with his timing but hopefully he will figure it out soon.  He is our lefty so we have some high expectations for him with baseball.  No pressure or anything Aiden!
Oh, and did you catch on that I am Team Mom for Ethan's team.  Yep... just add it to my list. 

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