Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our crazy little Milo

Have I mentioned before that I never had a pet growing up(other than a bird- and that doesn't really count). The first dogs I had were Ryan's and they were big (in my opinion), hairy and well... preferred only Ryan. It hurt my feelings for the first 10 years of our marriage and then I just wasn't bothered anymore. We grew to have a love/hate relationship.
So... after losing both Brodie and Tucker we all took time to heal and then a few months ago we started talking about another dog.
I am beginning to wonder whose idea it was to get a puppy.  My family will say that it was mine but if everyone would think back to our many conversations about dogs, my input was that he/she had to be small, doesn't shed and is playful.  Now, I will be honest and say that I didn't necessarily want an old dog so I guess that ccould translate to- I want a puppy. So we bring this little guy home from the shelter
We changed his name from Whately to Milo, Scout, Whately again and then back to Milo.  Poor guy was probably very confused. 
In true baby form, he has accidents in the house (Mommy isn't used to this and doesn't like it.one.bit), nips at us with his baby teeth- which are sharp!, likes to chew on everything (even my shoes) and is a total maniac. 
Izzy did not like him at all in the beginning- screamed at just the sight of him- but she is slowly warming up to him.  She will hug on him now but sometimes doesn't know her own strength.  She is still learning.
The boys are still undecided.  They wanted a playful dog but I don't think they imagined how much energy puppies actually have.  They are a little scared of him (since he has gotten them a few times when he baby teeth) but we know that will change. 
Yep... Aiden looks like he is dead when he sleeps.  I have actually checked his pulse a time or two.
I know Milo will become a part of the family in no time.  It is just taking some time for all of us to adjust to this new little guy and the energy that comes along with him.  He is always under your feet and he's also great at pulling odds and ends out to hide in his favorite spot to go back and nibble on at a later time.

It is a good thing Milo is so cute!!  We hope we have many years of memories with little Milo. 

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