Friday, June 21, 2013

Mud Run...

Ryan and I plus the boys participated in the annual Emerald Coast Mud Run for Orphans this year.  We signed up last year again with the intentions of being in the best shape any yet again... that didn't happen.  I just keep pushing back my -get in shape- goals and I get so frustrated with myself. 
The adults- Ryan/ I and Chad/Stephanie went first and we ran/jogged the 5k obstacle course.  We went through mud pits, climbed rope walls, carried bags of dirt and more.  There were probably 8-10 different obstacles and I was so proud of myself that I was able to complete them all.  I struggled but I made it. 
Before the race...

Izzy was there cheering us on and I know one year, she will run with us.
After the race...
Ryan and I were both going to run with the boys during their 1 mile run but I hurt my knee during the last obstacle.  Ryan decided to stay with Aiden to make sure his asthma didn't act up.  He said he didn't see Ethan after the race started- the boy took off never to be seen again.  So no pictures of Ethan. Boo!

 Can you tell the boys loved this race??  But really, what boy doesn't like to run through mud?

This was the fun part... after the race everyone got to rinse off by the fire truck. 
I had to nurse my knee for the next few days.  I guess my age is catching up with me.
Until next year... at that point, I really do hope I am in better shape.

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