Monday, June 3, 2013

Occupational therapy

Izzy's OT session was not too successful last week.  She was doing great until... an intern walked in to observe.  You would have thought she was asked to perform a musical all by herself in front of thousands.  Sister shut down!
I have never seen her act this way.  She is always so social and never meets a stranger so I am not sure what was different this day.  We started off as usual...
Izzy got to try a new tool to work on her upper body strength. 
She was a human bowling ball.  She enjoyed knocking the pins down with her head.
Then she got in her chair to do puzzles and pegs.
 We are good for now...

When it was time to get out of the chair, Sister wasn't budging.  She kept trying to snap the belt back around her.
Ms. B had to actually take Izzy out of the chair and they did the wheel barrel over to the swing.  The swing is Izzy's favorite activity during OT.  Not today...
Weee- this is fun!
Should I cry or not???
 More, Ms B. 
Still having fun for now...
And here we go...
 I am not having fun anymore
 Why is that pretty intern staring at me??
 Did I spill my lunch on my dress?
 I've got my eye on you...
And right after this picture... she flipped her head back and let out the biggest cry ever!  OT was officially over for the day.  Maybe we will be in a better mood next time.

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