Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kids camp...

My boys are finally old enough for Kid's camp!!  Ethan has been able to go for the last couple of years but he wanted to wait for his brother.  He didn't want Aiden to feel left out.  Are you believing that??
I dropped them off at church on Monday morning and as I walked away, I shed a small tear and then did a happy dance.  What are we going to do for an entire week without the boys?!?  Well, we have gone on a date (dinner and movie) + Izzy, we have had a few dance parties and we have caught up on most of our shows.  My idea of cleaning the house and going through all of their toys hasn't happened yet but maybe I will find the motivation tonight or tomorrow night.  Probably not!
We didn't think we would miss them as much as we do (does that sound bad??) but we know that they are having a blast.  They have never been away from us for more than a night or two (and that is with family) so to go an entire week is a big deal.  Plus, there are no phone calls.  Eek!!
Thankfully, we are getting to see pictures on facebook of all the fun they are having.
I was worried about Ethan and his eating habits.  He is my picky eater but he doesn't have a choice at camp.  This might do him some good!
Playing a little air hockey.  My favorite game ever- Mommy is jealous!
 See... he takes after me.  Look at the intensity in his face.
Not sure what Aiden is doing but he looks like he is still being his goofy little self.   This kid is not shy so I knew he wouldn't have any issues being away from home.
Aiden lost another tooth.  I did ask that if the tooth fairy makes her visit to please make sure she remembers that his "normal" tooth fairy is on a budget.  We don't want to have any issues with any future teeth.
I am loving the pictures of my boys.  They are so grown up and I think this week away is probably doing them a lot of good. 
I went to this same camp every year as a kid.  I made some of the best memories there with my friends.  I know the boys are going to do the same.   

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