Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The latest...

I have been MIA lately.  I figured if I lay low, then maybe life might give me a little break.  A few days ago, I raised my white flag.  Mommy's plate runneth over.  You know the saying... when it rains, it pours.  Yep, that explains our life right now. 
Our AC had been broken for about 5 days (enough said, right?) and I finally broke down and left a message for the repair man partly filled with anger but also begging to please do something.  After the message, he was at our house the next day with a temporary fix and he also sent a text to check on us. 
This is my coconut oil (which is great btw) and it is normally solid...
Yes, that is how hot it was in my house.
Izzy had to wear a cooling rag around her head to stay comfortable. 
We now have a temporary fix and we are so thankful!  Sweating in your house during the summer in Florida is not fun!!
Moving on...
Izzy loves to stand now.  She wants to stand while eating, playing and taking a bath (not safe little Missy)
We aren't complaining about the standing, but I would prefer her not to do this in the slippery bathtub.  Good thing she is flexible.  She has done the splits quite a few times but no busted chins.
Izzy is getting fitted tomorrow for DAFO's (Sure Steps).  These are little braces to help strengthen her ankles in preparation for walking.  We are hoping this helps build her confidence and Sister starts walking soon.  Girl... your getting heavy!
Izzy loves to dance in the car.  She might have found her calling and be a great back up dancer!  As soon as she starts walking, she will be accepting offers- just give her a call.
Izzy is just like her Mommy... she loves chips and salsa.  Although, she is better than me, she is willing to share.
 These two love each other so much!!
On Saturday, we were all a little moody so we decided to spoil our dinner and stop for some ice cream.  Sometimes, dessert before dinner doesn't hurt.  One problem, we couldn't eat it fast enough so it melted all over us.  Bath time for everyone.  But before a bath, I made the kids run to Target with me.  Target will make anyone feel better, right?!?

Daddy, went on his traditional Sunday run to the store while everyone was sleeping.  He brought back milk and donuts.  Does anyone else go through 2 gallons of milk each week - and still run out?? 

Sister doesn't mess around when she is hungry.  She is trying to crawl up my leg to steal my bagel and coffee.
After she ate my breakfast, she moved on to Daddy's.  Milo stuck close to her side so he could lick the crumbs off her face.  Gross!!
What?? Don't judge me... I am hungry!   Don't judge Mommy either, she was too lazy to put me in Pj's last night so I slept in my pretty dress.
This is the latest happenings here at the Holt household.  I am praying for a little rest and relaxation over the next few days.  We will be going on a mini vacation and it is so needed!  I am going to try and shut my brain down this next weekend and just live in the moment- making memories with my family!

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