Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Lessons

Ethan had his first drama filled day at school yesterday.  He came home and explained that he received a yellow for behavior (needs improvement).  We are pretty strict with him and his behavior and he knows that we expect greens (great behavior).  He explained that they were taking a test and the girl beside him was trying to look at his answers.  (Do kids really cheat in the first grade???)  He had moved his pencil box in between them so she couldn't see his paper and she moved it back for better viewing.  Ethan then told her to stop looking at his paper and this is when the teacher heard him talking and told him to change his color to yellow.  Now... if we are getting the whole story, then I don't think Ethan did anything wrong.  This is where as a Mommy, I want to email the teacher to explain his actions but I am stepping back and letting Ethan try to handle the situation.  I explained to Ethan that maybe after the test he should have gone to talk to the teacher to at least give his side of the story and if he was to remain at yellow then at least she knew why he did what he did. 

So... last night, I taught Ethan (at the ripe age of 6) how to shield his papers so no one can look and get his answers.  Now, I never had this problem growing up.  Trust me... no one was ever trying to look at my paper for the answers.  I am walking in new territory here.

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Cindy said...

I thought it was supposed to get easier for us when they graduated from toddlerdom, I am learning that it is quite the opposite actually :)