Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to School...

Well... everyone made it through their first day of school (barely).  The morning started off rough at least for me.  I was not able to sleep the night before (not school related) so I was not organized for our morning routine.  I must be organized in the mornings or I stress out very easily and when Mommy stresses... everyone stresses.  The boys and I rushed out the door and I ended up with these foggy pictures :(.  Yes... it is that hot outside!!  I took the camera out and didn't even realize everything was this foggy. 
               Ethan- 1st day of 1st grade
Aiden- 1st day of VPK
Aiden was so excited! Can you tell??
Ethan in front of his school
Ethan sitting at his desk.
At the end of the day, I asked the boys what they learned and all I got was... we get to have P.E. everyday!!  I couldn't get any additional information out of them.  Is this how it is going to be with boys???  Even Aiden, who we normally can't get to stop talking wouldn't even give up any information. Oh well... I have the rest of the year to try and pull information out of them.

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