Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend update... Dates, weddings and Le Cirque

Friday night, Steph and I went to the Spa to get a few treatments.  I had a massage and pedicure.  I definitely felt spoiled by the time I left.  Aterwards, we went to Chilli's for some dinner.  (Nice way to start the weekend!)
On our way, I received a text that Aiden was in the Olive Garden bathroom throwing up.  He has been having some issues this past week with getting sick after eating.  I think it is time I call the doctor since he isn't eating anything that should be messing with his allergies.  I am now wondering if he might have some issues with his digestive system.  At least, it will be something they can look into even if it is just to make me feel better.
On Saturday, Ethan had a play date with his friend so Aiden and I went on our own date.  We went to Kohl's to look around for a bit (Mommy's idea of fun) and then we headed to the Track (Aiden's idea of fun).  We rode the Go karts, bumper boats, and then Aiden enjoyed a few rides in the Kiddie Kart area.  We had a blast!! Afterwards, we went home just in time to get some cleaning done and then get ready for a wedding.
                                                        Aiden at the Track

Not really missing his brother right now.
About to get wet on the bumper boats!
The boys and I attended a wedding on Saturday night. The bride was beautiful!

Waiting for the reception to start
Being cheesy
The boys dancing
Then on Sunday after church, we took the boys to see the Grand Le Cirque.  We had a great time.  I don't think the boys moved for the entire show (2 hours).  They sat with their mouths open the entire time and couldn't figure out how they were doing all of those tricks.  They, of course, said that they could easily do those things but soon found out once they got home, that they were a lot harder than it looked. 
Daddy and his boys
We had a fun filled weekend but not a lot of rest was involved.  Now it is time to get back to work and school...

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