Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bowling with the cousins

Last Saturday Uncle Chad and I took the kids bowling.  This was quite an adventure and we both asked "what were we thinking??" by the time the night was over.  The attendants knew us quite well by the end of the night.  They fetched quite a few balls that ended up only half way down the lane.  But... the kids had a blast and Chad and I went home to take some Excedrin. 
As you can see... it was impossible to get all four to look at me at the same time.  Ethan was watching a little boy in the next lane that would run over and growl at us ever 5 minutes (not very amusing after a while) and Ian was obviously jumping around (hence the reason he is blurry).
There... I got him standing still for one second.  This was also before he decided to jump from the swivel chair and land face first on the hard floor.  Ouch!!

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